Builders and Developers

From single family homes to new developments, from boutique condominium projects to existing building conversions, Crew Coastal helps developers and builders achieve their revenue goals. As your marketing partner, our priority is to add value to your project, brand it, position it, market it and successfully sell it out beyond expectations. When you engage us, we provide these services:

Data, Research and Pricing

Pricing and positioning your property in the marketplace is essential. Using public, off-market, proprietary, and historical data, we compile and consolidate analysis to guide competitive and strategic pricing for your property. Throughout the process, we will continue to provide you with ongoing and up-to-the-minute market research including pricing, demographics, economic and cultural trends.

Brand Development

Our creative team and partners are steeped in professional branding and marketing experience. This background complements our knowledge of the residential industry to save developers and builders a bundle over using separate agencies. Working with architects, design teams and project engineers, we uncover the identity, key selling elements and lifestyle components of the property and highlight them with winning marketing strategies.

The development landscape is competitive. So it’s essential to take the right approach to each project individually and to create the greatest desirability through proper positioning. From dedicated websites and collateral material to 3D renderings and sales office environments, we create thoughtful, innovative marketing strategies to ensure not only that you reach your target market, but that you stand out.

Selecting a Team

With a database of over 15,000 members of the NC Regional MLS located in key markets of North Carolina, we draw from an expansive range of talent and skills. Our management group will work with you to identify and select the right sales and marketing team to represent the project — and you as developer or builder. The sales team and our creative team will work together to drive the sales and marketing processes with your architect, designers, and engineers, including floor plans, layouts, amenities and more.

NCRMLS membersacross NC:


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NCRMLS Crystal Coast members:


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Staging and Merchandising

Crew Coastal provides the highest level of design and staging for sales offices and model units in the projects we service and a unique and profitable cost structure available through our partnership.

Merchandising and positioning is an expertise and an art form. We will produce video tours and distribute them on viable sites, and create marketing print collateral, brochures, postcards, and show sheets of exceptional quality.


We partner with proven independent professional photographers who will create the images for the property ad campaigns. Our photographers are experts in understanding marketing principles and brand priorities, showcasing a lifestyle, creating a mood, evoking emotion, and telling a story in the images.


Professional video is one of the leading tools for creating exposure to sell homes in the coastal and high-end luxury market. Crew Coastal will provide professional video and aerial/drone work that will implement themes to create an accurate image of the property and capture the lifestyle that the property and its surroundings offer the buyer.

Communications and Public Relations

We believe strongly in editorial power. We also believe that for most buyers, the developer or builder is as important as the project itself. Working with our press team, we will strategically engage media across key channels and platforms to tell a compelling story about the unique opportunity of your project and your organization.






Relationships with the right lenders ensure affordable financing of the project and sale of each unit. Bringing this benefit to a project can ensure more buyers will be able to close and lock in rates as needed.


Depending on the vision and the project, we can invest or help arrange the capital contribution through our relationships with investors. We will become your partner as well as the marketers for the project, enhancing the capacity for all to achieve their financial goals.

Achieve your revenue goals.

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Ian Huckabee, Crew Coastal Realty