Marketing your coastal home

Your home has to stand out everywhere anyone sees it — on their phone, in person, or on paper. We put years of marketing and design experience to work to help you get the raised eyebrows that lead to a successful closing.


Pricing Your Home

We work with you to set the best price for your home. We use the Crew Report with industry-leading Automated Valuation Models, CMAs (Comparative Market Analyses), price banding strategies, and your input to set an asking price that helps get your home in front of as many buyers as possible. (You can get our instant home valuation here.)

Preparing It

To help your home stand out among its competition, we advise on any touchups and necessary home improvements you should make prior to listing. In some cases, it’s a good idea to have the home inspected and provide the inspection report to buyers — because nothing’s worse than losing a buyer over an undiscovered repair after your house has been off the market for a while. We also make any necessary recommendations for sprucing up the outside of your home to improve curb appeal.

Staging It

Next, we arrange to help make your home appealing to as broad a range of buyers as possible. We can help you declutter and depersonalize, allowing buyers to fill in the gaps as they imagine themselves with their things living in the home. And we can make recommendations for staging your home based on industry best practices and the latest research on engagement and attention. The average time to an accepted offer for homes we’ve staged is less than seven days.


The Marketing Plan

In the marketing plan, we cover four areas:

  1. We identify key features of your home, reveal potential hidden features, identify neighborhood and local amenities and features, and begin creating a narrative. We use the Crew Report, other market research, and your input to assist with this.
  2. We outline the campaigns and activities we feel are best for marketing your home.
  3. We describe the marketing assets (videos, images, copywriting, etc.) we’ll create for those campaigns and for the MLS listing. And
  4. We lay out a marketing calendar. Your customized marketing plan will be presented to you at the listing presentation. Once underway, we report results to you weekly. 

Campaigns & Activities

  • We create custom individual campaigns to best market your home. They can include email blasts to real estate agents, social media marketing campaigns, Facebook Ads, neighborhood direct mailers, and more.
  • Activities can include one or more open houses, a Sneak Peak for the Neighbors, and a Facebook Livestream open house. 
  • In addition, we drive traffic to our site by continuously running our own campaigns to promote our listings and services to local buyers and buyers in other markets interested in the Crystal Coast.

Video & Photography

This is where our marketing and design experience really kicks in for you. We capture your home in videos and images using an creative team to brainstorm, plan, create, and distribute the marketing materials for your home. The goal, after all, is to make your entire property stand out right away. Most buyers will first see your home on their phone or computer, so the visuals we create are important.


This is one of our specialties. Once we’ve prepared and staged your home (see the Strategy section, above), we capture it in pictures, videos, and words. Our creative team — professional photographer, copywriter, stager/designer — creates the assets that will make your home stand out wherever people see it. Check out the galleries on our Home Staging & Styling page and our Real Estate Video & Photography page for an idea of what we can do with your home visually.

Locally, we try to reach all home buyers in your price range. For buyers who aren’t local, we collect data that identifies the top areas where people are moving here from, and we run campaigns in those areas. We attract the broadest range of buyers possible, and this analysis allows us to spotlight buyers from areas with the greatest probability of being interested in seeing your home.

Using platforms like Instagram and YouTube to increase your home’s exposure
We’re also big fans of Instagram. We have a running lifestyle story that attracts followers and generates interest and awareness, and we include your home listing. We also post videos we create of your home on YouTube, keywording them properly and referencing them in other social media posts. Finally, we help you leverage your own social channels, like Instagram and Facebook, so that your networks can learn about your home and help spread the word.

Creating Facebook posts and ads
We post your listing information and assets like videos and pictures on our Facebook page. We can also use Facebook Ads. By using the targeting tools Facebook Ads offers, we can specifically target the buyer pool most likely to have interest in your home.

Spreading the word about your house to local real estate agents and the neighbors
Speaking of spreading the word, we do it a lot. We send email blasts about your listing to agents and brokers in our network, we call buyer agents who’ve shown in the neighborhood before, we generate buzz to lead to more showings of your home, and we talk up your listing regularly internally among other Crew Coastal Realty brokers. We also contact buyers in our database directly to let them know about your listing.

SEM, SEO, and PPC — OMG!
We excel at search engine marketing, with both SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) ads that send visitors directly to your listing page. In addition, our keyword alignment throughout the site drives traffic to the Crew Coastal websites so even more buyers have the opportunity to see your listing.

Our campaigns are considered the “+” in Crew Coastal’s Marketing +. We implement several types of marketing campaigns customized specifically for your home. In addition, we run our own campaigns to promote our listings and services that draw more buyers to our site. Please contact us for more information.

Quite simply, by the number of inquiries and showings. We track visits to your listing page on our site, agent views within MLS, social media metrics, and your Zillow page (total views and saves for the last 30 days). We report these to you weekly, or more frequently if you prefer. As these numbers start to grow, we expect the number of showings to grow, and we expect those showings to lead to offers. If they don’t, we meet with you and make adjustments to the marketing plan.

We adjust. Think of our marketing plan as a dashboard with dials. If we’re not getting showings and we see low engagement on Facebook, we turn up the dial on Facebook engagement. If the response from other local agents has been lukewarm, we turn up the dial on agent outreach. We always adjust the marketing plan based on what its performance tells us.

We prepare a custom marketing plan based on your specific requirements, like how soon you need to sell or the minimum amount of money you need to walk away with at closing. We front-load spending to generate initial awareness and interest, and then regulate ad spending based on activity. In most cases, marketing costs are covered by our listing fee.  Any exceptions will be agreed upon beforehand. The marketing plan will be clearly outlined at the listing presentation. 

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