Did you know that we touch our phones over 2,500 times per day? In an age where we all yearn for more free time, what is it that draws our attention back to this device again and again? It might be to look up the weather, to take a lesson on your language-learning app, to visit a social media site, to jot down a note, to check email, to answer a phone call, etc. Where do you spend the most time on your phone?

The activities that grab our attention generally have these characteristics in common. They are:

  • Personally meaningful
  • Relevant at that very moment
  • Rewarding

For example, a weather app is personalized to automatically show you the weather in your location. It would be much less interesting if it only displayed the weather in a far-away state or country. When you’re choosing your outfit for the day or packing for a trip, the app is available in that moment of need. The reward to me is that I feel comfortable outside because the app has allowed me to plan accordingly.

How can we apply these same criteria to real estate so that buyers feel compelled to learn more about your property? We’ve offered six strategies below.


Identify your audience persona.

What drew you to your home initially? Were you looking for a larger home for an expanding family or a smaller home closer to the city? Think about who your home might be perfect for and write your listing for those audiences. For example, if your property is an 800-square foot home without much storage, but walkable to hip restaurants and music venues, you might describe its benefits to an empty nester couple, a professional who works in the city who is looking to bike to work, a first-time home buyer, or a real-estate investor.

Tell a story with your staging.

Think about how your buyer might use the home and demonstrate those experiences. You might stage your backyard in the Fall for a marshmallow roast or arrange your kitchen for a dinner party-in-the-making. Consider staging your bonus room with games, a popcorn machine, and art supplies. Highlight your home’s personality and sense of play on Instagram and Pinterest. Your in-person and online staging can help the buyer imagine their future in your home.

Answer their questions.

The main question in buyers’ heads when they are looking at listings is: “Is this the home for me?” Your listing can help answer that question. Beyond the basics of facts and figures, describe in detail the things that make your home special. Be specific, yet succinct, about its location or neighborhood, any recent upgrades, original features such as wood floors or vintage hardware, emphasize spacious rooms, your outdoor space, and more.


Create a compelling cover photo.

Imagine that your home’s next buyer is perusing Zillow in the grocery store line. You have mere seconds to gain their interest. Will your home’s cover photo make them click? This is the time to get creative. Perhaps a photo of the home’s interior would grab their attention better than an exterior view. You might consider trying a non-traditional angle or zooming in on a specific feature. If your home is grey, white, or beige, add color with plants, a bright front door, an outdoor rug or pillows, or a flag. Experiment to see what works best. Compel your shoppers to click and save your home.

Post engaging content.

You want to stand above the many, many listings that are added to the MLS every day. To do that, you want to make your home’s content worth the click. Reward the shopper with enriching, explorable content such as media, floorplans, professional photos, drone photos, maps, stories, virtual walk-throughs, and articles. When someone is interested in your home, they want to know everything they can about it. Reward that curiosity with a variety of ways to learn about it.

Build a brand.

When someone takes the time to explore your home’s physical or online space, reward it with a professional, consistent experience. When your home is on the market, it has a brand. A brand is your customer’s perception of what you are selling. Your brand evokes an emotion and rewards the audience. Just like Apple, REI, and Disney, you want to tell a consistent story with your photos, your MLS listing, your home’s Pinterest page, and Instagram stories, blog posts, and your in-home events.
Your home’s next owner may be browsing listings right now. Are they clicking on yours? Following these six steps will increase your clicks, saves, and showings. Get it sold at first sight.