We live and breathe the North Carolina coast, and nothing makes us happier than helping our clients enjoy it like we do. We’re fun and easy-going, but we work hard. We put our market knowledge, marketing and design skills, and career experiences to work for you, giving you a solid advantage when it comes to your real estate transactions.

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Our Story

Here we were in Beaufort, NC, on schedule, saying our “I dos” at the end of the boardwalk in the Rachel Carson Preserve. It’s one of our favorite places in nature because of how pristine it is and how peaceful we feel whenever we’re there. Two days earlier, on the Fourth of July, 2014, Hurricane Arthur had made landfall, adding unexpected fireworks to our wedding weekend. But things went off as planned, and the spectacular sunset on the evening of our wedding sealed it for us. Before the night ended, we agreed we had to move to the Crystal Coast. 

By this point our e-learning business back in Durham had taken off. We’d started it four years earlier — just the two of us with two computers. Now we’d become busier than we could have imagined, working with a staff and creating training for some of the world’s leading organizations. Each weekend, and on weeklong trips in the summer, we couldn’t wait to get to the coast to pour our energies into water sports and the area’s abounding activities and to relax next to the ocean’s gentle, repetitive surf. 

Then, on our last day, one of us would reluctantly bring it up. “We have to drive back.” And the other would reply, “Let’s stay one more night and drive back early in morning.”

Making the decision to move to the coast was easier than we expected. One of us grew up here, the other has vacationed here since childhood, and we wanted to be here more. We decided to begin our journey back by investing in vacation rental property, which gave us places to stay from time to time as we tested the waters, sticking our toes in to see how we might like full-time coastal life at this stage in our lives. 

Well, the water felt great. And before long, we admitted to ourselves the pull was too strong. The riptide had us. We sold our business, bought a small boat, and sooner than we expected, we were able to move to historic Beaufort, NC. 

This business is about our passion for this area. We love everything about it and feel really lucky we get to make so many amazing memories here. In our many years here, we’ve learned a lot about the area, the people, the businesses and the community.

Our mission is to help you enjoy it, to find your place in it and become a part of it. We put everything we can into helping you chart your course to the North Carolina coast.